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    با سلام خدمت دوستان. :)
    با برنامه Nokia Series 40 Theme Studio v2.2 می توانید برای انواع گوشی های نوکیا سری 40 تم بسازید:


    The Nokia Series 40 Theme Studio is a PC-based tool for creating
    themes for compatible Series 40 devices. The Theme Studio allows
    themes to be created, viewed, and compared before being packaged
    for distribution. Theme packages can be downloaded to compatible
    devices over the air (OTA) or using supported messaging or PC
    Connectivity options.

    - Nokia Series 40 themes 2.2 can be composed using this tool. Such
    themes may comprise of various customizable image elements like
    wallpaper, screensaver, backgrounds, highlights, menu icons, etc.
    as well as audio elements like ringtones, alerts, etc.

    - Themes can be deployed to supported handsets by installing
    Nokia PC Suite 6.6 or later version. The handsets have to be
    connected to the PC Suite before themes can be deployed from
    Theme Studio.

    - Supported Audio theme elements can be previewed from Theme Studio
    by installing Apple QuickTime 7.

    New Features in V2.2:
    - New display simulation: 208x208

    - Idle screen specific attributes added for idle status and softkey areas,
    and idle outline font color.

    - Idle screen specific attributes separated from default attributes.
    The previous Idle screen tab is moved under Idle tab. The Idle tab
    contains now both the Idle screen and Active Idle screen.
    Default tab contains non-idle specific attributes that in release 2.1
    were in the Idle screen tab.

    - New screen called Profile Settings for displaying form specific
    attributes. Editor for form attributes is located in Apps > Forms.

    - Element dimensions are displayed in the Theme Editor where applicable.
    Some of the theme elements are used in several places in the handset
    and therefore the dimensions might vary depending where the elements
    are used.

    System Requirements: (Recommended)
    - Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 or Microsoft Windows XP Home SP2
    - 2.6 GHz Pentium processor or faster
    - 512 MB RAM or more
    - 125 MB disk space or more recommended
    - Display 1024 x 768 pixels or more with 16 bit color or more

    Known Issues:

    - The tool allows FlashLite (.swf), SVG-T (.svg) contents to be
    selected for any image element of the theme. But some actual handsets
    may ignore or not allow these media types when used as highlights.

    - The 208x208 display does not support the new theme elements introduced
    in this theme release and therefore the idle screen and forms use
    different theme elements than the other display sizes. In addition,
    the audio and radio screens behave differently from other displays
    and use different theme elements.

    - The tool does not accept zero values for the different sound durations.
    If you change the default durations once to a valid value, you can't
    get the default durations back by setting the value to zero, instead
    the previous valid value is returned.

    Workaround: Set the default values back by inserting the correct values
    directly to the fields.
    for startup and shutdown: 3000 ms
    for Flip/slipe open/close: 1000 ms
    or set the values to be zero by editing the theme descriptor
    XML file after you have finished editing everything else
    using Theme Studio.

    - Simulations of different animations and fonts in the tool may not
    match the actual handsets exactly, since the tool runs on a PC
    environment. In addition, there are differences between older and new phone
    models and therefore some theme elements might display differently between
    different handsets.
    For example, some phones might display default status and softkey
    backgrounds, if those are not set in the theme explicitly. The tool
    displays these default images in 240x320 display size previews, but some
    phones of that display size do not include these default blue backgrounds.

    Workaround: Try the themes on actual handsets.

    - If more than 15-20 themes are opened using Theme Studio, the
    performance of the tool may decrease.

    Workaround: Close themes you are not actively working on, and
    minimize and restore the Theme Studio window to release
    some memory. If the virtual memory usage of Theme Studio
    goes above 300MB, close and reopen the tool.

    - If you toggle the display simulation from the toolbar when viewing
    any theme, you may not be able to change the screen view using the
    right-click option.

    Workaround: Select the desired screen view from Screen Options or
    All Screens panel.

    - If you open a theme which has custom theme attributes or values
    that are not supported by the tool, such attributes and values may
    be ignored by the tool, and maybe lost when the theme is saved again.

    Workaround: Add your custom attributes and values to the theme
    descriptor XML file after you have finished editing
    everything else using Theme Studio.

    - Offline registration is not possible

    This latest version of the Nokia Series 40 Theme Studio supports the new theme technology version 2.0. This theme technology is supported by the following devices:

    • Phones with 240 x 320-pixel displays:
    Nokia 6270, Nokia 6280, Nokia 7370, Nokia 6131, Nokia 6233, Nokia 6234, Nokia 6282, Nokia 6275, Nokia 5300 XpressMusic, Nokia 7373, and Nokia 7390 phones.

    • Phones with 208 x 208-pixel displays:
    Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition phone.

    • Phones with 128 x 160-pixel displays:
    Nokia 6111, Nokia 6125, Nokia 6136, Nokia 5200, Nokia 6151, Nokia 6070, Nokia 6080, Nokia 6103, and Nokia 7360 phones.

    • Phones with 128 x 128-pixel displays:
    Nokia 2610 phone.

    توجه: برای دانلود باید در فروم نوکیا ثبت نام کنید.


    توجه: این برنامه توسط Professional و برای سایت Mobile4Persian.com تهیه شده.هرگونه کپی برداری تنها با ذکر منبع مجاز می باشد. :-o :D