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    توضیحات بازی​
    ★★ #1 App In Utilities! Named one of "16 Apps for Your iPhone That Are Better Than the Ones Apple Made" by Business Insider, and one of the "Most Beautiful iOS Apps of 2012" by The Next Web. Also featured on: Fast Co Design, Mashable, Lifehacker, TUAW, MacWorld, The Loop, App Advice and many more! ★★

    "Rise's gestures are among the most ergonomically intuitive I've seen yet in this kind of app."
    — Fast Co Design

    "The bold and intelligent use of color, great typography and brilliant gesture-based interface make it the first alarm clock app that makes me excited to use it."
    — The Next Web

    "This beautifully designed iPhone alarm clock app will change your mornings."
    — Mashable

    "If the default alarm clock on your iPhone or iPod Touch leaves a little to be desired, Rise is the new alarm clock that's sleek and minimal."
    — Lifehacker

    Rise is a delightfully simple and unique alarm clock, now available for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

    With its refreshing and clever way to set time, Rise is one of the simplest alarm clocks you'll ever use.

    ★ It's easy to set: Just drag to pick a wake up time.
    ★ Turn the alarm on or off with a simple swipe or pull gesture.
    ★ Snooze or turn off the alarm from the lock screen with a shake (iPhone only).
    ★ Large clock mode in portrait and landscape for docked devices.
    ★ Adjust your default snooze, wake up time, and alarm volume on the fly.
    ★ Wake up to one of the beautiful custom Rise melodies or your favorite song from iTunes.
    ★ You can repeat your alarm time daily (one alarm).
    ★ Make a playlist from iTunes to help you fall asleep, or listen to other audio (Pandora, Spotify, etc) in the background.
    ★ Rise works with "Do Not Disturb" and the mute / silence switch (with app in foreground and locked/asleep).
    ★ A few more surprises to come!

    Try waking up with Rise and let us know what you think!

    Supported Languages
    ★ Chinese
    ★ English
    ★ German
    ★ Hungarian
    ★ Korean
    ★ Polish
    ★ Portuguese
    ★ Russian
    ★ Spanish
    ★ Swedish

    What's New in version 2.0
    New Features:
    ★ Bigger clock! Tap current time in set screen to get clock with countdown (Automatically appears after no activity).
    ★ Landscape view of clock with countdown.
    ★ Set your default snooze time, or choose not to have snooze.
    ★ Added in alarm volume defaults.
    ★ Multiple alarm notifications while locked.
    ★ Shake to snooze notifications.
    ★ Stores Sleep Tunes playlist and alarm sound better.
    ★ Works with iCloud tracks.
    ★ Play audio in the background: Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, etc.
    ★ Sped up app load time and many other optimizations.

    ★ Added Korean, Swedish, Russian, German, Hungarian, Traditional Chinese, Polish, Russian, Spanish
    ★ Updated Swedish and Simplified Chinese.

    ★ Choppy / slow time drag issue in some devices.
    ★ Initial volume at zero.
    ★ No snooze from notification.
    ★ Turning off alarm not stopping Sleep Tunes.
    ★ Alarm repeat not always setting right time.

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