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    Nokia PC Suite v Released April 4, 2007

    PC softwares free and simple Windows of use, to simplify the life with the owners of Nokia telephones.

    Last update 6.83:

    * The new version of the copier content with Nokia lets to you choose the types of the contents which you want to safeguard and reconstitute.
    * Opinion when the new updates of the software of telephone (firmware) are available.
    * Support for Windows Vista.
    * Update April 4, 2007

    Principal software functions:

    * Transfer of data automatic and protected enters the telephone and a PC
    * Connection without wire or by cable
    * Connection to fast and easy Internet
    * Management of the messages, contacts, photographs and files musical
    * Assumption of responsibility of more than 30 languages


    Configuration system PC necessary for version 6.83:

    Open space on the hard disk: 150 Mo (size of file approx. from 25 Mo)

    Operating system:

    * Windows 2000 (Service Pack 4)
    * Windows XP (Professionelle edition or Family) (Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 2)
    * Windows XP (edition Professionelle x64)
    * Windows Vista (edition x32 and x64)

    Methods of connection dealt with: cable USB, infra-red or Bluetooth

    Logiciels Bluetooth taken charges some (stacks Bluetooth):

    * Bluetooth Microsoft Windows (included in SP2 or Vista)
    * Toshiba Bluetooth v4.0 for Windows XP/2000
    * WIDCOMM BTW 1.4, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0
    * IVT BlueSoleil Bluetooth stack for Windows XP/2000, version of driver *

    *Remarque: the telephones Nokia Nseries, Nokia Eseries, and Nokia 3250 nécéssitent the version of the pilot.

    Windows Media Player 11 is necessary to use the applications based on Windows with the Nokia telephones

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