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    ‏4 مارس 2007
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    Perseverance is about as important to achievement as gasoline is to driving a car. Sure, there will be times when you feel like you're spinning your wheels, but you'll always get out of the rut with genuine perseverance. Without it, you won't even be able to start your engine
    The opposite of perseverance is procrastination. Perseverance means you never quit. Procrastination usually means you never get started, although the inability to finish something is also a form of procrastination.
    Ask people why they procrastinate and you'll often hear something like this, I'm a perfectionist. Everything has to be just right before I can get down to work. No distractions, not too much noise, no telephone calls interrupting me, and of course I have to be feeling well physically, too. I can't work when I have a headache." The other end of procrastination - being unable to finish - also has a perfectionist explanation: "I'm just never satisfied. I'm my own harshest critic. If all the i's aren't dotted and all the t's aren't crossed, I just can't consider that I'm done. That's just the way I am, and I'll probably never change."
    Do you see what's going on here? A fault is being turned into a virtue. The perfectionist is saying that his standards are just too high for this world. This fault-into-virtue syndrome is a common defense when people are called upon to discuss their weaknesses, but in the end it's just a very pious kind of excuse making. It certainly doesn't have anything to do with what's really behind procrastination.
    Remember, the basis of procrastination could be fear of failure. That's what perfectionism really is, once you take a hard look at it. What's the difference whether you're afraid of being less than perfect or afraid of anything else? You're still paralyzed by fear. What's the difference whether you never start or never finish? You're still stuck. You're still going nowhere. You're still overwhelmed by whatever task is before you. You�re still allowing yourself to be dominated by a negative vision of the future in which you see yourself being criticized, laughed at, punished, or ridden out of town on a rail. Of course, this negative vision of the future is really a mechanism that allows you to do nothing. It's a very convenient mental tool.
    I'm going to tell you how to overcome procrastination. I'm going to show you how to turn procrastination into perseverance, and if you do what I suggest, the process will be virtually painless. It involves using two very powerful principles that foster productivity and perseverance instead of passivity and procrastination.
    The first principle is: break it down.
    No matter what you're trying to accomplish, whether it's writing a book, climbing a mountain, or painting a house the key to achievement is your ability to break down the task into manageable pieces and knock them off one at one time. Focus on accomplishing what's right in front of you at this moment. Ignore what's off in the distance someplace. Substitute real-time positive thinking for negative future visualization. That's the first all- important technique for bringing an end to procrastination.
    Suppose I were to ask you if you could write a four hundred-page novel. If you're like most people, that would sound like an impossible task. But suppose I ask you a different question. Suppose I ask if you can write a page and a quarter a day for one year. Do you think you could do it? Now the task is starting to seem more manageable. We're breaking down the four-hundred-page book into bite-size pieces. Even so, I suspect many people would still find the prospect intimidating. Do you know why? Writing a page and a quarter may not seem so bad, but you're being asked to look ahead one whole year. When people start to do look that far ahead, many of them automatically go into a negative mode. So let me formulate the idea of writing a book in yet another way. Let me break it down even more.
    Suppose I was to ask you: can you fill up a page and a quarter with words-not for a year, not for a month, not even for a week, but just today? Don't look any further ahead than that. I believe most people would confidently declare that they could accomplish that. Of course, these would be the same people who feel totally incapable of writing a whole book.
    If I said the same thing to those people tomorrow - if I told them, I don't want you to look back, and I don't want you to look ahead, I just want you to fill up a page and a quarter this very day - do you think they could do it?
    One day at a time. We've all heard that phrase. That's what we're doing here. We're breaking down the time required for a major task into one-day segments, and we're breaking down the work involved in writing a four hundred-page book into page-and-a-quarter increments.
    Keep this up for one year, and you'll write the book. Discipline yourself to look neither forward nor backward, and you can accomplish things you never thought you could possibly do. And it all begins with those three words: break it down.
    My second technique for defeating procrastination is also only three words long. The three words are: write it down. We know how important writing is to goal setting. The writing you'll do for beating procrastination is very similar. Instead of focusing on the future, however, you're now going to be writing about the present just as you experience it every day. Instead of describing the things you want to do or the places you want to go, you're going to describe what you actually do with your time, and you're going to keep a written record of the places you actually go.
    In other words, you're going to keep a diary of your activities. And you're going to be surprised by the distractions, detours, and downright wastes of time you engage in during the course of a day. All of these get in the way of achieving your goals. For many people, it's almost like they planned it that way, and maybe at some unconscious level they did. The great thing about keeping a time diary is that it brings all this out in the open. It forces you to see what you're actually doing... and what you're not doing.
    The time diary doesn't have to be anything elaborate. Just buy a little spiral notebook that you can easily carry in your pocket. When you go to lunch, when you drive across town, when you go to the dry cleaners, when you spend some time shooting the breeze at the copying machine, make a quick note of the time you began the activity and the time it ends. Try to make this notation as soon as possible; if it's inconvenient to do it immediately, you can do it later. But you should make an entry in your time diary at least once every thirty minutes, and you should keep this up for at least a week.
    Break it down. Write it down. These two techniques are very straightforward. But don't let that fool you: these are powerful and effective productivity techniques that allow you put an end to procrastination and help you get started to achieving your goals.
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    ‏4 مارس 2007
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    دو راه اساسي خلاصي از تنبلي:

    اصل اول: كار را خرد خرد كنيد
    مهم نيست چه كاري را مي خواهيد انجام دهيد، نوشتن يك كتاب، بالا رفتن از كوه، رنگ كردن يك خانه.. كليد موفقيت اين است كه كار را به اجزاء قابل كنترل و قابل مديريت تقسيم كنيد و آنها را يكي يكي انجام دهيد. روي انجام كاري كه در اين لحظه روبروي شماست تمركز كنيد و به كارهاي ديگري كه دورترند توجه نكنيد. افكار مثبت هم اكنون را جايگزين تصورات منفي آينده كنيد.
    فرض كنيد كه من از شما بپرسم كه آيا مي توانيد در ظرف يك سال يك كتاب داستان چهارصد صفحه اي بنويسيد؟ اگر شما مانند خيلي از مردم باشيد، مي گوييد كه غير ممكن است. حال فرض كنيد كه مي پرسم آيا مي توانيد براي يك سال، يك صفحه و يك چهارم صفحه در روز بنويسيد؟ بهتره ولي فكر مي كنم هنوز هم خيلي از مردم دور نماي ترسناكي ازش دارن.مي دونيد چرا؟ نوشتن يك صفحه و يك چهارم صفحه در روز زياد هم بد نيست ولي وقتي از شما خواسته ميشه كه كه تمام يك سال بعد را ببينيد، به طور خودكار موضع منفي مي گيريد.پس بياييد باز هم ريزترش كنيم.
    فرض كنيد از شما بپرسم آيا مي توانيد يك صفحه و يك چهارم صفحه را از لغات پر كنيد آن هم نه در يك سال، نه در يك ماه و نه حتي در يك هفته بلكه فقط امروز؟ ديگه جلوتر از اون رو نبينيد. فكر مي كنم كه اغلب مردم مي گويند كه اين كار را مي توانيم انجام دهيم. البته اينها همانهايي بودند كه در نوشتن يك كتاب احساس ناتواني مي كردند.
    به عقب نگاه نكنيد و به جلو نيز نگاه نكنيد، اگر اين كار را يك سال ادامه دهيد مي توانيد يك كتاب كامل را بنويسيد.

    اصل دوم : يادداشت برداريد.
    شما مي دونيد كه نوشتن چقدر در رسيدن به هدف موثره. به جاي تمركز روي آينده، شروع به نوشتن در مورد زمان حال و تجربيات و كارهاي روزمره خود كنيد. به جاي نوشتن اينكه چه كاري مي خواهيد انجام دهيد و يا كجا مي خواهيد برويد، شما كارهايي كه انجام داده ايد و جاهايي كه رفته ايد را شرح مي دهيد.
    به عبارت ديگه شما يك دفتر خاطرات از فعاليتهاي روزانه خود درست مي كنيد.به اين ترتيب شما از گيجي و حواس پرتي و انحراف از مسير و در كل اتلاف وقتي كه در طول روز داشته ايد متعجب خواهيد شد. اين كار باعث ميشه ببينيد كه واقعاً چه كارهايي را انجام داده ايد و چه كارهايي را انجام نداده ايد.
    كار سختي نيست، يك دفترچه يادداشت كوچك كه توي جيبتون جا بشه برداريد و زمان شروع و اتمام هر فعاليت خود هر چند ساده و كوچك باشد را در آن يادداشت كنيد. سعي كنيد كه يادداشت برداري را در اولين زمان ممكن انجام دهيد البته مي توانيد قدري به تاخير بياندازيد ولي بايد حداقل هر نيم ساعت يك بار يادداشت كنيد و اين كار را حداقل بايد يك هفته انجام دهيد.

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