کامیونیتی سرور 2 هم اومد !!!

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    کامیونیتی سرور 2 هم اومد !!! چیز خیلی باحالیه ! دانلودش کنید و ازش درس بگیرید !
    Community Server 2.0 will be publicly available on February 20th. As someone who has downloaded Community Server in the past we would like to extend a special offer to you: 
    New Purchases (Before March 20th):
    If you purchase Standard, Professional, or Enterprise version of Community Server 2.0 before March 20th you can purchase version 2.0 for the price of a Community Server 1.1 license. Simply visit and purchase the necessary licenses. 
    The new purchase option is only valid until March 20th. After which purchases of Community Server 2.0 will be at the new 2.0 pricing. 
    Why Community Server?
    Community Server 2.0 is the most comprehensive platform for building your online community presence. This platform includes: discussion forums, weblogs (blogs), and photo galleries and with version 2.0 now additionally includes: file galleries, content management and an assortment of new "Gateways" that enable some compelling new scenarios such as email-to-blog and email-to-forums. 
    To learn more...
    For more information about the upcoming Community Server 2.0 release, visit You will find educational videos, licensing information, a product roadmap and many other helpful resources. 
    Take Action Today...
    Don't miss the "Community Server Train". Act now and you can purchase Community Server 2.0 for the price of 1.1. You can order online at or by purchase order through [email protected] 
    The Community Server 2.0 Development Team
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