1000 CWV ایردراپ

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    We are glad to announce, CWV campaigns has begin!

    We have 2 events.
    1. Holding Reward
    For participants who want to participate in this event, they must hold at least 10,000 CWV. You can buy from several Exchangers (check on cmc) . Or you can send Ethereum to the address below.

    Ethereum address

    ° If you buy CWV from an exchanger. We will give a bonus of 15% of the amount you holding.
    ° For participants sending ethereum to the Ethereum address.
    1 ETH = 17,000 CWV (+30% bonus)
    ° If you have participate on our campaign, We will check your transaction by your Ethereum address and We will send you an email for your details and confirmation. (your txid if you send eth, or balance screenshots if you buy from exchanger).

    2. Airdrop Campaign
    We give an airdrop for airdrop/bounty hunters.
    Reward : 1000 CWV
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