Athena Project Black Touch Edition by PK 2.0

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    Somewhere I Belong PocketPC: HTC Advantage X7
    Requirements: Athena Device + UNLOCKED CID AND SIM
    Overview: The Wait is Over. Its finally here!! Athena Project Black Touch Edition by PK 2.0





    This ROM is what u guys have been waiting for and requested. It is the best of the Athena Project ROM series. The best part of this rom is we have gotten a exclusive license from teksoftco.com to put in there FingerTouch keyboard into this rom. This is the best keyboard you can get for the athena and its in this rom and is the full version. They also made it work for all realvga dpi and customized it for us. thanx to Teksoft again.

    Whats new u ask??Well heres the list:
    Vista Device Center integrigation fixed. Now shows Athena
    PocketCM removed and stock contacts is back.
    Tray App removed due to problems.
    Shantz Today Changer removed and cab in addons. had problems and it made space for other stuff.
    no more reg edit for extended rom(caused activesync problems on dopod devices)
    All fixes from fixes cab(btIO fixed, one note fixed, tsk fixed,pim backup 2.5)
    vue flo fixed(had bug where u couldnt use it in opera)
    all office apps should now work and load much better
    bt issues fixed(was in fixed version of fixes cab)
    theme is now gloss black and theres a cab in system for those that link to get it back after changing theme etc..
    network band set to auto
    real vga 96dpi and 128dpi cooked in
    teksoft FingerTouch cooked in(this is the full version licensed exclusively to AP Touch 2.0)

    Developer's Notes:

    Special thanx to teksoft for FingerTouch(thank you very much guys and gals), cmonex for fixing notes which also made the rom release today possible, hdbueller for testing, hirad_sabaghian for testing and the welcomeheads, ltxda, Mackaby007, boinger, walshieau, Shadowmite, pof, bennec83, and anyone else i am forgetting. This was again a team effort. This time around we have made new partners and added new memebers to the team. Everyone take a bow and thanks to everyone for all the hard work.

    To Upgrade:
    - You agree that you do so at your own risk with absolutely no liability resting with xda-developers nor the maker of this fine ROM! And to be 100% clear, if you screw up your device it's YOUR FAULT. If you don't agree don't touch.
    - Unlock phone using OliPro's unlocker.
    - Install ROM...
    - Done!
    - Enjoy and report any bugs.

    Addon in CAB:
    Codecs for TCPMP
    Adobe Reader
    Remove Branding from today screen
    HTC Intellipad(t9 pad)
    Sprite Backup
    Jetcet Print
    Shantz Today Changer 1.52
    pRSSreader(now no more today plugin)
    Opera from dopod ext rom.
    Task Manager 2.0 30487(would of been in rom but we didnt get to test so made it a addon)
    HTC Home Kaiser 6 Tab Plugin(yea baby looks awesome on 96dpi, other it gets cut off we know this and fixing requires dll modifications)
    Kaiser Plugin Customizer 0.8b
    MackDaddy Theme(looks good in 96dpi and 6 tab, made for mackaby007 but we agreed to give to u guys too)
    Attached is the 10 button kaiser comm mananger for use for people who are running 96 or 128 dpi. looks much better than stock.

    List of everything in rom:
    Teksoft FingerTouch(yea baby!)
    Latest Office 2007 with One Note Mobile
    Dopod sounds for emails, sms, and ringtones
    Vista Device Center integration
    Security Off
    SDKCerts Integrated
    Lunar Calendar
    IE searches google
    Live Search also searches google
    In Call volume change sound gone
    3g prefix instead of UMTS in wireless plugin and 6 tab plugin(maybe in future)
    Time From Network
    Speed Tweeks make this rom FAST!!(note: speek tweeks make os snappier/more responsive so they wont show a difference in benchmark tools)
    Slick Black Theme
    Live Build 2700
    BT FTP
    BT SAP
    Pocket RAR
    Network Wizard latest from hermes
    Task Mananger 1.51 build 30470
    PK Programs 1.0(Task Manager with Regedit, screenshot app)
    WM5Storage 1.75
    Batti 2.1
    Total Commander
    Remote Desktop
    Soft Key App
    Audio Manager with touch skin
    Group SMS
    Call Firewall
    PIM Backup
    Real vga 96 and 128 integrated
    Latest radio 1.50

    More Info:

    Download Instructions:
    AP Touch 2.0:
    Rapidshare: http://rapidshare.com/files/55822505/AP_Touch_2.0.rar
    Megaupload(thanx [email protected]): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=B1HDYZMV
    Mediamax(thanx englefield): http://www.mediamax.com/englefield/Hosted/AP_Touch_2.0.rar
    AP Touch 2.0 ADDONS:
    Rapidshare: http://rapidshare.com/files/55823571/PK_2.0_Addons.rar
    Megaupload(thanx [email protected]): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SYBBQX86
    Mediamax(thanx englefield): http://www.mediamax.com/englefield/Hosted/PK_2.0_Addons.rar
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