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    ‏22 آگوست 2007
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    "Analog Circuits Cookbook"
    Second edition
    Ian Hickman BSc (Hons), CEng, MIEE, MIEEE
    PDF | 352 pages | 2.06Meg


    Electronics World + Wireless World is undoubtedly the foremost electronics
    magazine in the UK, being widely read by both professional
    electronics engineers on the one hand and electronics hobbyists and
    enthusiasts on the other, in the UK, abroad and indeed around the
    world. The first article of mine to feature in the magazine, then
    called simply Wireless World, appeared back in the very early 1970s. Or
    was it the late 1960s; I can’t remember. Since then I have become
    a more frequent – and latterly a regular – contributor, with both
    the ‘Design Brief ’ feature and occasional longer articles and series.
    With their straightforward non-mathematical approach to explaining
    modern electronic circuit design, component applications and
    techniques, these have created some interest and the suggestion that
    a collection of them might appear in book form found general
    approval among some of my peers in the profession. The first edition
    of this book was the result. A sequel, Hickman’s Analog and R.F. Circuits,
    containing a further selection of articles published in Electronics World
    (as it is now known), was published subsequently.
    Since the appearance of the first edition of the Analog Circuits
    Cookbook in 1995, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, in
    technical terms. Some of the articles it contains are thus no longer so
    up-to-the-minute, whilst others are still entirely relevant and very
    well worth retaining. So this second edition of the Analog Circuits
    Cookbook has been prepared, retaining roughly half of the articles
    which appeared in the first edition, and replacing the rest with other
    articles which have appeared more recently in Electronics World.
    Inevitably, in the preparation for publication of a magazine which
    appears every month, the occasional ‘typo’ crept into the articles as
    published, whilst the editorial exigencies of adjusting an article to fit
    the space available led to the occasional pruning of the text. The
    opportunity has been taken here of restoring any excised material
    and of correcting all (it is hoped) errors in the articles as they
    appeared in the magazine. The articles have been gathered together
    in chapters under subject headings, enabling readers to home in
    rapidly on any area in which they are particularly interested. A brief
    introduction has also been added to each, indicating the contents and
    the general drift of the article.

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