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    FL STUDIO 7.3. public beta is out!

    1. Bugfix in envelope point snapping.
    2. Added error message at startup when MMX or SSE1 is not found.
    3. Bugfix in Sytrus unison sub.
    4. Cleartype not forced on anymore for mixer labels for Win9X platforms.
    5. Fixed little bug when reordering mixer tracks.
    6. Little Bugfix in Edison's looping tool & trimming option.
    7. New phase editing feature in Edison's EQ.
    8. Bugfix in stretching engine.
    9. Bugfix in monophonic mode combined with Fruity Slicer plugin.
    10. Fixed weird bug importing corrupted playlist data from FL6 projects.
    11. Added middle note & score detection to Edison.
    12. Fixed keystrokes not getting to FL when mixer was detached & focused.
    13. Fixed strange bug with ASIO.
    14. Right-clicking splitters (browser, Piano roll, playlist) for spare position.
    15. Edison's EQ, blur & reverb tools now remember their envelope editor settings.
    16. FL finally supports MIDI SysEx input, and handles basic MMC functions.
    17. Fixed crash when closing FL while project browser was open.
    18. Project browser: can show/hide plugin editors from the generators/effects folders.
    19. Generator smart disable is now compatible with threaded rendering.
    20. Added mouse wheel support to popup menus & combo selectors.
    21. Added (manual) plugin editor thumbnails to project browser.
    22. Edison: unselects when live selection is too short (Edit->Shift left/right now works for audio clips too (including using control surface jogs).
    37. Added full support for the Mackie Control Universal.
    38. Improved support for some controllers.
    39. Fixed thread-locking issue with multiple smoothed up remote control combined with visible project browser and knob tweak undo enabled.
    40. Edison: new slave sync, pause button, transport active when not playing, support for control surfaces and keyboard input (to slice or for sampler preview).
    41. Edison: can now link notes to markers/regions (for use in Fruity Slicer).
    42. Edison: added "Undo mix (spectral)" and "Paste mix (spectral)" features.
    43. Edison: added keyboard (to note or to slice) preview.
    44. Edison: added 'quick rename (all)' option to rename all regions to drum names.
    45. Improved 'undo knob tweaks' to support tweaking several parameters at once without slowing down.
    46. Love Philter: piano keys assigned to patterns.
    47. Tweaking controls on VST(i)s now show a hint message in FL's hint bar (when possible).
    48. FPC: fixed some save dialog glitches.
    49. FPC: fixed envelope handling.
    50. FPC: added wave preview in open dialog.
    51. Fruity Wrapper: Bugfix: don't send "all note off" message for effects.
    52. Fruity Wrapper: renamed menu items for saving/loading fst and fxb files to "VST" instead of "Cubase".
    53. Fruity Wrapper: added "Send note off velocity" option.
    54. Video Player: Bugfix: prevent rising cpu usage.
    55. Video Player: Bugfix: detached video will now keep playing if the plugin editor window is hidden.
    56. Video Player: added "Ignore tempo changes" option.
    57. Wave Candy: fixed some bugs & added Vista window background blur.
    58. Updated to LAME 3.97.
    59. Improved latency compensation 'Set from' option.
    60. Rendering with latency compensation.
    61. Added slip editing in playlist clips, as well as little changes in resizing tools.
    62. Improved accuracy of MIDI input recording under high GUI CPU load.
    63. Can now move effect slots around using the mouse wheel.
    64. Edison & Sytrus now captionize themselves when starting a sample drag.
    65. FL (& some FL plugins) now support .ogg format.
    66. Introducing 'Selected' mixer track, to which the selected mixer track is routed, and in which you place visual effects or a recording Edison.
    67. Ctrl+E to quickly open an audio editor in a mixer track, or Shift+E to open an audio logger.
    68. Added score logging feature, not to miss scored played while testing.
    69. Piano roll: added 'Select at random' to select 10% random notes, for variations.
    70. Playlist: clip source selection now in titlebar, and clips panel now on top by default.
    71. One-click audio recording now prompts to record in Edison.
    72. Improved RAM usage meter for some systems.
    73. Edison: new Tools->Send to playlist as audio clip, to send the clip to the playlist at selection, linked to the same mixer track as Edison.
    74. Can now resize multiple playlist clips at once.
    75. Caps lock function changed to allow resizing of notes from left side in Piano roll.


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