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    Transferring files using OBEX over Bluetooth on UIQ3

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    OBEX is a communication protocol that is used to transfer binary objects over for example IR or Bluetooth. This article shows how to create a UIQ3 application that transfers files to remote devices using OBEX over Bluetooth. The Bluetooth profile used on-top of OBEX is OPP (Object Push Profile) which is supported by many devices (phones, computers, etc.). The example application pushes files from the UIQ3 phone it is running on to remote devices, and is not dependent on any server application running on the remote device other than the standard OPP service already existing on devices supporting OPP.

    The application is used by selecting a number of recipients and a number of local folders, and then pressing Start. All files in the selected folders are then transferred to the list of recipients. When the recipients and folders lists have been set up, they can be used to perform the same transfer any number of times. The transfer can be aborted by pressing Stop.

    The "Recipients" tab shows the list of recipients. The screenshot below is taken when the transfer is in progress. The transfer to the W960i and the P1i is completed and the transfer to the W910i is currently active. When all files are transferred to the W910i, they will also be transferred to the K850i and the T650i.

    The "Folder" tab shows a list of all folders that should be transferred to the recipients. All files in the folders are transferred, but the content in their subfolders are not.​

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