نمی توانم وارد ستینگ access point بشوم ؟

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    من امروز یک access point خریدم ولی از طریقی که آن را وصل می کنم نمی توانم وارد آی پی بشوم ، مارک اکسس پوینت :دی لینک
    لطفا من را راهنمایی کنید
    مشکل حل شد
    آی پی کاپیوتر 192.168.1.ط بود
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    Why can’t I access the web-based configuration utility?
    When entering the IP address of the D-Link access point (for example,, you are not connecting to a
    website on the Internet or have to be connected to the Internet. The device has the utility built-in to a ROM chip in the
    device itself. Your computer must be on the same IP subnet to connect to the web-based utility.
    • Make sure you have an updated Java-enabled web browser. We recommend the following:
    • Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
    • Firefox 1.5 or higher
    • Verify physical connectivity by checking for solid link lights on the device. If you do not get a solid link light, try using
    a different cable or connect to a different port on the device if possible. If the computer is turned off, the link light may
    not be on.
    • Disable any internet security software running on the computer. Software firewalls such as Zone Alarm, Black Ice,
    Sygate, Norton Personal Firewall, and Windows® XP firewall may block access to the configuration pages. Check the
    help files included with your firewall software for more information on disabling or configuring it

    Configure your Internet settings:
    • Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel. Double-click the Internet Options Icon. From the Security tab,
    click the button to restore the settings to their defaults.
    • Click the Connection tab and set the dial-up option to Never Dial a Connection. Click the LAN Settings
    button. Make sure nothing is checked. Click OK.
    • Go to the Advanced tab and click the button to restore these settings to their defaults. Click OK three
    • Close your web browser (if open) and open it.
    • Access the web-based configuration utility. Open your web browser and enter the IP address of your D-Link access
    point in the address bar. This should open the login page for your the web-based configuration utility.
    • If you still cannot access the web-based configuration utility, unplug the power to the access point for 10 seconds
    and plug back in. Wait about 30 seconds and try accessing the web-based configuration utility. If you have multiple
    computers, try connecting using a different computer.
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