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    ‏12 جولای 2005
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    Salam ,
    I would like to invite you to look this opportunity that i'm runing for 6 months and i got 11,000$
    Yes,i t is right,

    Here you can join with 800$ and invest in 2% or 3% daily ROL program based on what you would like to invest.
    I started with 2000$ and now i have around 15,000 $ in my gps account and also i transfered 11,000$ to Iran.
    You can withdraw your profit every day with one of this ways:
    1)Transfer to your e-gold account
    2)Transfer to your Loyalbank account and then wire it to Iran or transfer from loyalbank to your egold,stormpay,etc..
    This is a rich Norwegian company that is paying members for 12 months since now.
    I'm ready to help you anytime you like,you are welcomed to me here:
    [email protected]
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    Please notice here you can change a 5000$ to 600,000$ in one year.
    .I'm so happy for this great opportunity and i have members from many countries too
    Please let me know if you need help to join or you wanna more information.
    Best Wishes,

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    User: acer
    Registration Date: Jun-23-2005
    Last Access: Jul-12-2005 06:50:12 PM

    Account Balance: $16.71
    $13.64 of e-gold
    $3.07 of StormPay

    Earned Total: $317.00
    Active Deposit: $274.12

    Last Deposit: $19.00 Jul-12-2005 11:46:03 AM
    Total Deposit: $396.16 Last Withdrawal: $11.00 Jul-11-2005 11:44:49 PM
    اميدوارم اين اطلاعات براي هموطنان عزيزم مفيد واقع شود .
    با آرزوي موفقيت براي همه دوستان
    خوشحال خواهم شد اگر بتوانم شما را راهنمايي كنم :
    EMAIL: [email protected]
    [email protected]
    ارادتمند همه,
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