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    Phonebook. A name in the phone book may have 5 phone numbers with various icons, an e-mail address, and a small text note. A melody or a photo can be assigned to any name. The phone lacks caller groups. There is a first letter search in the name list; a full search by a word or several letters is possible by pressing the # key. Some names may be correlated with voice marks. In the total list you can scroll the name's numbers and icons opposite the name change. Viewing all the data is possible only from the menu

    Messages. While viewing the message list, any selected message is automatically displayed as a creeping line, and any opened message is also automatically scrolled in the full-screen. This is quite interesting and intriguing. There are 10 templates in English and everything tends to be traditional. One of many icons or a simple melody can be sent by message (EMS). The images for EMS are of great interest, drawn jesting and very multifarious

    Settings. Here everything is very simple: one can tune the security level (standard set), apply one of 5 display themes changing window appearance, determine the backlighting time (up to a minute), adjust the screensaver etc

    Business. Here is an alarm clock. It may be set once, recurrent or only week-day. The calculator is very plain as well as a currency converter. A function responsible for switching the device and turning it off on time is at your disposal

    Organizer. You can view the calendar weekly or monthly. In the former case there is an event icon opposite the day; in the latter case the days that have any events are marked. There are events of three types: meeting, leisure, and business. Each entry has a determined on and off date and events may repeat (day, week, month, and year). There are event alerts. On activating, an event requests confirmation, and this can be irritating. There is an option of deleting all old messages at once. The whole the organizer is satisfactory at best. The memory of the phone book and the organizer is dynamically allocated. I have a surprise for you: 1000 entries of the phone book are possible provided that the organizer has no entry at all. The total number of entries in both the phone book and organizer is restricted to 1000

    Games. Besides Bricks the standard game, the device supports four Java games (MIDP 2.0). The model fundamentally has the Java MIDP 2.0 support so that the user can download new applications, but unfortunately I have not managed to find a single one. There is one more drawback as you have to adjust the browser for application downloading separately, for there is no way to transmit the wap-browser's settings. This is of course a complication since few users are likely to grasp the settings. An automatic adjustment of Java uploading is impossible even though the wap works alright

    Call list. It is the total call list, i.e. it includes missed, received and dialled numbers and call date and time can be shown if needed. The list may contain 30 entries and is invoked by pressing up on the joystick. The numbers of the list can be used the same way as those of the phone book (messages, view details etc.). Calls of the same number do not combine and go one by one; most users regard this realisation as not handy

    Operator Services. This menu provides an access to the wap-browser. It has few particular features and if GPRS (4+2) is supplied, everything goes alright

    Camera. The device is equipped with a VGA-camera (similar to the Philips 855). The resolutions supported are 640x480, 320x240, 128x160. Three compression levels are available for JPEG files, and the picture quality is also of three levels (low, medium, high). You can set a frame just while shooting or later in a graphical editor. It also allows adding plain pictures from a set, alter some parts of the image. Young users of this model will surely like the function​

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