WM6 Crossbow RTM version for Wizard

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    WM6 Crossbow RTM version for Wizard
    Requirements: HTC Wizard Windows Mobile PocketPc.
    Overview: This is a new Windows Mobile 6 Crossbow ROM.

    (aRTM=almost Release To Manufacture)

    1) OS version: 5.2.968 (build 17217.0.0.0)
    I transfered wm6 kernel from tytn's rom
    2) ROM version:
    3) Storage:
    Total: 47.46 Mb
    Free: 42.99 Mb
    Total: 51.99 Mb
    Free: 30 Mb
    (if you delete voicecomader from sturt up you will have more than 31 Mb of memory free. PP is 4 mb)
    4) Еxtended rom was moved in windows folder and contains only register fixes. I turned off the installation from real Extrom.
    5) It is a vanilla rom. It includes only native soft. There is full customization from HTC:
    a) MMS - 3_5_1_17
    b) Midlet Manager -
    c) WM player codecs - 6.28.061020.X0
    d) CYBERON VC&VD - 1_1_B60920 (with voice tag backup function)
    e) TaskManager - 1_0_27406_1 - works great for real closing applications, even Commmanager
    f) StreamingMedia - 2.10.1025621
    g) commManager 8 buttons
    h) etc.
    6) WPA2&WPA2-PSK
    7) New nice skin for default keyboard
    New icons for backlite, power etc
    9) A2DP settings for best qualifity of sound
    10) etc.
    New OS build contains not whole files from tytn's rom, but more of them.
    As i said before: camera is oem application and couldn't work on wizard. And i rebuild some modules from tytn's rom by myself to force it to work.
    Im going to finish my tests of that rom, but i can say now that it has very good perfomance. It works like a charm.
    Btw, it is unique rom. All roms that contains os 5.2.968 and the same build or rom version, will have my rom as base rom. So I am the first man who made that work

    More Info:

    Download Instructions:
    download the file from here and install it if didn't happen r get error then extract with WIN RAR and then install it. Download Link:

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