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شروع موضوع توسط Pixar ‏1 آپریل 2004 در انجمن آرشیو

  1. Pixar

    Pixar مدیر بازنشسته

    تاریخ عضویت:
    ‏10 اکتبر 2003
    نوشته ها:
    تشکر شده:
    محل سکونت:
    َِChocolate's City
  2. Pixar

    Pixar مدیر بازنشسته

    تاریخ عضویت:
    ‏10 اکتبر 2003
    نوشته ها:
    تشکر شده:
    محل سکونت:
    َِChocolate's City
    اينم يك ليست توپ از Ebook

    Linux E-books 
    100_linux_tips_and_tricks.pdf - 243k 
    Benchmarks_WP_HPOracle_FINAL.pdf - 877k 
    LDAP Implementation HOWTO.txt - 81k 
    Linux Administrator Guide 2.pdf - 1.1M 
    Linux NetAdmin Guide.pdf - 3.8M 
    Linux full command manual.pdf - 10.1M 
    LinuxCompleteCommandReference.pdf - 10.1M 
    LinuxPHPHOWTO.pdf - 176k 
    Sams' Teach Yourself Linux In 24 Hours.pdf - 13.7M 
    Securing-Optimizing-Linux-RH-Edition-v1.3.pdf - 4.9M 
    Shell_programming_in_24_hours.pdf - 3.9M 
    UNIX Cook Book.pdf - 87k 
    Unix System Administration Handbook.pdf - 188k 
    completeidiotsguidetolinux.zip - 2.0M 
    firewallscomplete.zip - 382k 
    hackingguide3.1.pdf - 1.2M 
    linuxadm.pdf - 63k 
    linuxadmin2.pdf - 2.3M 
    linuxcomplete.zip - 8.3M 
    linuxfullcommandmanual.zip - 8.4M 
    linuxsecurity.pdf - 357k 
    mysql-manual.pdf - 3.4M 
    understandingipaddressing.zip - 32k 
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------- 
    12-10-03 01:46AM <DIR> Addison Wesley A First Look At ADO.NET And System Xml 
    12-08-03 11:55AM <DIR> Addison Wesley A First Look At ASP.NET 
    12-08-03 11:58AM <DIR> Excel 2002 Formulas by Walkenbach 
    12-08-03 12:05PM <DIR> IDG Books - Windows 2000 Secrets 
    12-08-03 11:00PM <DIR> John Wiley - 2003 Interpretation and Application of IAS 
    12-09-03 08:24AM <DIR> John Wiley & Sons - Adobe Acrobat 6 Bible 
    12-08-03 11:02PM <DIR> John Wiley & Sons - Auditing Information Systems 2nd Ed 
    12-08-03 12:24PM <DIR> John Wiley & Sons - Essentials of Managing Corporate Cash 
    12-08-03 12:29PM <DIR> John Wiley & Sons - Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Bible 
    12-08-03 12:26PM <DIR> MS Press - Inside Windows 2000 3rd Ed 
    12-08-03 12:39PM <DIR> MS Press 101 Visual Basic.NET Applications 
    12-08-03 12:45PM <DIR> MS Press ASP.NET Programming With Visual C Sharp2003.Step.By.Step 
    12-08-03 01:05PM <DIR> MS Press Debugging Applications For Microsoft.NET 
    12-08-03 01:19PM <DIR> MS Press Insider Power Techniques For Windows XP 
    12-09-03 11:35AM <DIR> MS Press MCSE Training Kit Win2K Networks 
    12-08-03 01:49PM <DIR> MS Press Microsoft Windows Media Resource Kit 
    12-08-03 02:08PM <DIR> MS Press Microsoft Windows XP Professional Resource Kit.2nd.Ed 
    12-08-03 02:35PM <DIR> MS PRESS Microsoft.NET.Distributed.Applications 
    12-08-03 02:38PM <DIR> MS Press Visual Basic.NET 2003 Step By Step 
    12-08-03 02:49PM <DIR> MS Press Visual Basic.NET Programmers Cookbook 
    12-08-03 02:54PM <DIR> MS Press Visual C#.NET 2003 Step By Step 
    12-08-03 03:05PM <DIR> MS Press Visual Cpp.NET 2003 Step By Step 
    12-08-03 12:34PM <DIR> O'Reilly - Apache Cookbook 
    12-08-03 12:35PM <DIR> O'Reilly - Flash Remoting - The Definitive Guide 
    12-08-03 12:36PM <DIR> O'Reilly - MCSE in a Nutshell-Win2K Exams 
    12-08-03 12:38PM <DIR> O'Reilly - Spidering Hacks 
    12-08-03 12:39PM <DIR> O'Reilly - TiVo Hacks. 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools 
    12-08-03 12:43PM <DIR> O'Reilly - Windows 2000 Performance Guide 
    12-08-03 12:48PM <DIR> O'Reilly - Windows Server 2003 in a Nutshell 
    12-08-03 12:48PM <DIR> O'Reilly - Windows XP Hacks 
    12-09-03 08:28AM <DIR> Premier Press - Microsoft Windows XP Professional Administrator's Guide 
    12-08-03 12:40PM <DIR> Prentice Hall PTR - OpenOffice.Org 1.0 Resource Kit 
    12-08-03 12:42PM <DIR> Que - Absolute Beginner's Guide to Building Robots 
    12-08-03 12:48PM <DIR> Que - Absolute Beginner's Guide to MS Access 2003 
    12-08-03 12:51PM <DIR> Que - Absolute Beginners Guide To MS.Office 2003 
    12-08-03 12:59PM <DIR> Que - Absolute Beginners Guide To MS.Office Excel 2003 
    12-08-03 01:04PM <DIR> Que - Absolute Beginners Guide To MS.Office PowerPoint.2003 
    12-08-03 01:11PM <DIR> Que - Absolute Beginners Guide To Networking 4th Edition 
    12-08-03 01:17PM <DIR> Que - Absolute Beginner's Guide to Upgrading and Fixing Your PC 
    12-08-03 01:17PM <DIR> Que - Easy Creating CDs And DVDs 
    12-08-03 01:27PM <DIR> Que - Easy Microsoft Office Access 2003 
    12-08-03 01:33PM <DIR> Que - Easy Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 
    12-08-03 01:38PM <DIR> Que - Easy Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 
    12-08-03 01:41PM <DIR> Que - Easy Microsoft Office Word 2003 
    12-08-03 01:46PM <DIR> Que - Easy Microsoft Office.2003 
    12-08-03 01:53PM <DIR> Que - Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003 
    12-08-03 02:04PM <DIR> Que - Show Me Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 
    12-08-03 02:13PM <DIR> Que - Show Me Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2003 
    12-08-03 02:23PM <DIR> Que - Show Me MS Office 2003 
    12-08-03 01:33PM <DIR> Que - Special Edition Using Microsoft Office 2003 
    12-08-03 01:36PM <DIR> Que - Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 
    12-08-03 02:04PM <DIR> Que - Special Edition Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 
    12-08-03 02:32PM <DIR> Que - Special Edition Using MS Access 2003 
    12-08-03 02:35PM <DIR> Que - Special Edition Using.MS.Office.Excel.2003 
    12-08-03 03:03PM <DIR> Que - Upgrading and Repairing PCs, 15th Anniversary Ed 
    12-08-03 11:01PM <DIR> Sams - Sams Teach Yourself Crystal Reports 9 in 24 Hours 
    12-10-03 09:39PM <DIR> Sams - Sams Teach Yourself Windows XP Computer Basics All in One 
    12-08-03 12:50PM <DIR> Sams Teach Yourself MS Office 2003.In.24Hours 
    12-08-03 12:55PM <DIR> Sams Teach Yourself MS Office Access 2003 In.24Hours 
    12-08-03 01:03PM <DIR> Sams Teach Yourself MS Office Excel.2003 
    12-08-03 01:10PM <DIR> Sams Teach Yourself MS Office Outlook.2003 In.24Hours 
    12-08-03 01:16PM <DIR> Sams Teach Yourself MS Office PowerPoint 2003 In.24Hours 
    12-08-03 01:26PM <DIR> Sams Teach Yourself MS Office Word.2003 In.24Hours 
    12-08-03 01:35PM <DIR> Sams Teach Yourself Visual.Studio.Dot.Net.2003.In.21Days 
    12-08-03 01:11PM <DIR> Sybex - Mastering Delphi 7 by Marco Cantu 
    12-08-03 01:22PM <DIR> Syngress - Configuring Windows 2000 Without Active Directory 
    12-08-03 11:00PM <DIR> Wiley - Excel 2002 Power Programming with VBA 
    12-08-03 01:26PM <DIR> Wiley & Sons - In a Roman Kitchen - Timeless Recipes from the Eternal City 
    12-08-03 01:42PM <DIR> Wordware Mastering Business Analysis With Crystal Reports 9 
    12-08-03 11:12PM <DIR> Wordware Publishing - Strategy Game Programming With Directx 9.0 
    12-08-03 01:49PM <DIR> World Trade Press A Short Course In International Payments 2nd Ed 
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- 
    Ebook dump site. 
    (EBook - PDF) The Illustrated Dictionary of Electronics (Eighth Edition) (Stan Gibilisco).pdf 
    (business ebook) - Purchase Real Estate - Form.pdf 08-Nov-2003 19:43 149k 
    (ebook - HTML) - Cisco Multicast Routing & Switching.zip.OK 25-Aug-2003 01:41 3.0M 
    (ebook - HTML) Cisco TCP IP Professional Reference.zip.OK 25-Aug-2003 01:41 2.6M 
    (ebook PDF) - The Necronomicon Spell Book.pdf 25-Aug-2003 01:39 104k 
    (ebook pdf) Illustrated TCPIP.pdf 08-Nov-2003 19:43 6.1M 
    (ebook physics) Stephen Hawking - Space and Time Warps.pdf 08-Nov-2003 19:43 132k 
    (ebook) - Alexandrian Book of Shadows (WICCA).pdf 08-Nov-2003 19:43 740k 
    (ebook) - IP Network Design Guide.pdf 25-Aug-2003 01:45 3.6M 
    (ebook) - The Eqyptian Book of the Dead.pdf 25-Aug-2003 01:44 228k 
    (ebook) - Timothy Leary - The 8-Circuit Model Of Consciousnes.zip.OK 25-Aug-2003 01:41 7k 
    (ebook) - sagan, carl - pale blue dot.txt 25-Aug-2003 01:45 614k 
    (ebook) A True History of Witchcraft .pdf 08-Nov-2003 19:43 65k 
    (ebook) Aikido The Art Of Fighting Without Fighting.pdf 25-Aug-2003 01:44 2.7M 
    (ebook) Albert Einstein - Physics of Illusion.pdf.OK 25-Aug-2003 01:41 41k 
    (ebook) Bradbury, Ray - Fahrenheit 451.txt.OK 25-Aug-2003 01:41 247k 
    (ebook) Greg Bear - Darwin's Radio.txt 25-Aug-2003 01:45 886k 
    (ebook) Heller, Joseph - Catch-22 v1.0 (txt).zip 25-Aug-2003 01:44 361k 
    (ebook) Medicinal Herbs.zip.OK 25-Aug-2003 01:41 24k 
    (ebook) The Tao of Physics.pdf 08-Nov-2003 19:43 10.6M 
    (ebook) The Theory and Practice of Teleportation.zip 25-Aug-2003 01:45 20k 
    (ebook) hack proofing linux.pdf 25-Aug-2003 01:44 11.8M 
    (ebook) how to grow medicinal marijuana.pdf.OK 25-Aug-2003 01:41 6.4M 
    (ebook) lovecraft, h p - the call of cthulhu.txt 25-Aug-2003 01:39 69k 
    (ebook)Engineering - Lessons in Electronic Circuits I - DC - pdf.pdf.OK 25-Aug-2003 01:42 7.0M 
    (ebook)Engineering - Lessons in Electronic Circuits I - DC.pdf 25-Aug-2003 01:44 7.0M 
    (ebook)Engineering - Lessons in Electronic Circuits II - AC.pdf 25-Aug-2003 01:44 3.7M 
    (ebook)Engineering - Lessons in Electronic Circuits II - AC.pdf.OK 25-Aug-2003 01:42 3.7M 
    (ebook)Engineering - Lessons in Electronic Circuits V - Refer.pdf 25-Aug-2003 01:44 611k 
    (ebook)Engineering - Lessons in Electronic Circuits VI - Expe.pdf 25-Aug-2003 01:44 3.6M 
    (ebook-HTML) Cryptography Theory And Practice.zip.OK 25-Aug-2003 01:42 17.7M 
    (ebook-HTML) O'Reilly Unix CD Bookshelf.zip.OK 25-Aug-2003 01:42 7.0M 
    (ebook-doc) 100 Ways to Disappear.zip.OK 25-Aug-2003 01:42 19k 
    (ebook-html) Cryptography Theory And Practice.zip.OK 25-Aug-2003 01:42 17.7M 
    (ebook-pdf) - Mathematics - An Introduction to Digital Audio.zip.OK 25-Aug-2003 01:42 5.0M 
    (ebook-pdf) - Mathematics - An Introduction to Neural Networks.pdf 25-Aug-2003 01:39 1.3M 
    (ebook-pdf) - Mathematics - Foundations of Calculus.pdf.OK 25-Aug-2003 01:42 1.6M 
    (ebook-pdf) - Science - Primer on Molecular Genetics.pdf 08-Nov-2003 19:43 676k 
    (ebook-pdf) Herbert A Giles - The Civilization Of China.pdf 15-Oct-2003 20:50 196k 
    (ebook-txt) - CIA Manual - Psychological Operations in Guerilla Warfare.txt 25-Aug-2003 01:46 102k 
    (ebook-txt) Anne Rice - Interview With the Vampire.txt.OK 25-Aug-2003 01:42 706k 
    (ebook-txt) Kurt Vonnegut - Slaughterhouse Five.txt.OK 25-Aug-2003 01:42 277k 
    (ebooks) JRR Tolkien - Lord of the Rings Collection.pdf.OK 25-Aug-2003 01:42 13.0M 
    3rd edition dungeons and dragons ebook archive.zip.OK 
    Schaums Mathematical Handbook of Formulas and Tables.pdf 09-Jul-2001 13:47 26.2M 
    Stronghold Builder's Guidebook.pdf.OK 25-Aug-2003 01:44 26.9M 
    vaneigem_raoul_terrorism_or_revolution.txt 25-Aug-2003 01:39 42k 
    vaneigem_raoul_the_book_of_pleasures.txt 25-Aug-2003 01:39 246k 
    vaneigem_raoul_the_revolution_of_everyday_life.txt 25-Aug-2003 01:39 397k 
    wark_mckenzie_hacker_manifesto_2-0.txt 25-Aug-2003 01:39 185k 
    zizek_slavoj_welcome_to_the_desert_of_the_real.txt 25-Aug-2003 01:39 12k 
    and many more.... 
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    PhotoShop Tutorials 
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    Over 10,000 books and FAQs on almost every subject 
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    underground/ 18-Nov-2003 07:41 - 
    wars_and_weapons/ 24-Oct-2003 07:00 - 
    [url]http://books.dimka.ee/[/url] (HUGE COLLECTION) 
    Programming, Game Developer 
    Advanced 3D Game Programming Using DirectX 9.0 
    Developer's Guide to Computer Game Design 
    Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus 
    The Art of Computer Game Design 
    Game Design Foundations 
    Andrew Rollings and Ernest Adams on Game Design 
    Chris Crawford on Game Design 
    The Turner Diaries 
    A novel written and published in 1978 by William Pierce, leader of the neo-nazi National Alliance, under the pseudonym "Andrew Macdonald," is a fictional account of the activities of a racist, anti-Semitic underground which, through a series of violent acts during the 1990s, gains power in the U.S. and eventually the world. The book describes the bombing of FBI headquarters in Washington, a mortar attack on the Capital building, the destruction of public utilities and communication systems, and the "liberation" of the nation after atomic bombs have been dropped on several East Coast cities. 
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- 
    Hitler's Mein Kampf 
    The famous book Mein Kampf (My Struggle), written by Adolf Hitler while serving time in prison. Translated from German to English 
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- 
    ANCIENT Books 
    Here is an archive of some ancient books. Books are contained that were written by Homer, Plato, etc. 
    The Iliad and the Odyssey are an example of the types of books you can expect to find. 
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- 
    FIRSTBOT___A_FIRST_M..> 0 
    FREEBSD_ASSEMBLY_LAN..> 05-May-2003 08:43 80k 
    Firewalls_Complete.zip 05-May-2003 12:23 383k 
    Frank_G_Fiamingo_-_U..> 05-May-2003 12:40 1.1M 
    GETTINGSTARTEDWITHOP..> 05-May-2003 08:43 2.7M 
    HACKERS_SECRETS__PDF..> 05-May-2003 08:43 439k 
    HANDBOOK_OF_APPLIED_..> 05-May-2003 08:44 4.6M 
    HANDBOOK_OF_APPLIED_..> 05-May-2003 08:44 3.6M 
    HANDBOOK_OF_COMPUTER..> 05-May-2003 08:46 20.2M 
    HANSD103_08_2003.ZIP 05-May-2003 08:46 18k 
    HITCHHIKER_SGUIDETOT..> 05-May-2003 08:48 20.7M 
    HOW_TO_CRACK_WITH_SO..> 05-May-2003 08:48 38k 
    HOW_TO_FIND_SECURITY..> 05-May-2003 08:48 21k 
    HOW_TO_IMPROVE_SOFTI..> 05-May-2003 08:48 12k 
    HOW_TO_IMPROVE_SOFTI..> 05-May-2003 08:48 12k 
    HOW_TO_MAKE_AN_MIRC_..> 05-May-2003 08:48 37k 
    HOW_TO_MAKE_KEYGENS.ZIP 05-May-2003 08:48 6k 
    HOW_TO_MAKE_MIRC_SCR..> 05-May-2003 08:48 44k 
    HOW_TO_OPTIMIZE_FOR_..> 05-May-2003 08:48 95k 
    HOW_TO_SCAN_A_BOOK_B..> 05-May-2003 08:48 14k 
    H_W_JETER___BLADE_RU..> 05-May-2003 08:48 198k 
    HowTo-Make-Key-Gener..> 05-May-2003 12:24 12k 
    Huxley-_Brave_New_Wo..> 05-May-2003 12:24 43k 
    IA_32_MANUAL_VOL_1__..> 05-May-2003 08:49 3.9M 
    IA_32_MANUAL_VOL_2__..> 05-May-2003 08:50 6.4M 
    IA_32_MANUAL_VOL_3__..> 05-May-2003 08:50 6.1M 
    IBM___HTTP_SERVER_PE..> 05-May-2003 08:52 2.6M 
    INFORMATION_RETRIEVA..> 05-May-2003 08:52 1.1M 
    INFORMATION_RETRIEVA..> 05-May-2003 08:52 0k 
    INTEL_ARCHITECTURE_O..> 05-May-2003 08:53 1.8M 
    INTEL_MANUAL_VOL_1__..> 05-May-2003 08:53 41k 
    INTEL_MANUAL_VOL_1__..> 05-May-2003 08:53 2.5M 
    INTEL_MANUAL_VOL_2__..> 05-May-2003 08:53 70k 
    INTEL_MANUAL_VOL_2__..> 05-May-2003 08:54 6.5M 
    INTEL_MANUAL_VOL_3__..> 05-May-2003 08:54 75k 
    INTEL_MANUAL_VOL_3__..> 05-May-2003 08:54 5.1M 
    INTEL_P4_AND_XEON_OP..> 05-May-2003 08:58 1.5M 
    INTEL_PROCESSOR_IDEN..> 05-May-2003 08:58 395k 
    INTEL___OVERVIEW_OF_..> 05-May-2003 08:58 82k 
    INTRODUCTION_TO_ERRO..> 05-May-2003 08:59 3.6M 
    INTRODUCTION_TO_LOGI..> 05-May-2003 08:59 41k 
    IRIX_ADMIN_SYSTEM_CO..> 05-May-2003 08:59 668k 
    IRIX_ADMIN___SYSTEM_..> 05-May-2003 08:59 682k 
    IRIX_NETWORK_PROGRAM..> 05-May-2003 08:59 579k 
    IrvineWelsh-Ecstasy...> 05-May-2003 12:40 122k 
    JAVA_DATA_STRUCTURES..> 05-May-2003 08:59 184k 
    KEYGEN_USEFULL_BREAK..> 05-May-2003 08:59 2k 
    KICKSTART_XML_TUTORI..> 05-May-2003 08:59 71k 
    LEARN_MICROSOFT_ASSE..> 05-May-2003 08:59 57k 
    LEARN_VISUAL_C___6.RAR 05-May-2003 08:59 399k 
    LEVY__STEVEN___CRYPT..> 05-May-2003 08:59 361k 
    LIGHTSOFTASSEMBLYGUI..> 05-May-2003 08:59 24k 
    LINUX_AT_WORK__BUILD..> 05-May-2003 08:59 466k 
    LINUX_CLUSTERING__BU..> 05-May-2003 08:59 807k 
    LINUX_CLUSTERING__BU..> 05-May-2003 08:59 0k 
    LINUX_C__PROGRAMMING..> 05-May-2003 09:01 233k 
    LIST_OF_SITES_WHERE_..> 05-May-2003 09:01 11k 
    LITLE_BLACK_BOOK_OF_..> 05-May-2003 09:01 1.3M 
    LOGIC_AND_COMPUTER_D..> 05-May-2003 09:01 2.5M 
    Learning_the_Bash_Sh..> 05-May-2003 12:24 592k 
    Linux.System.Adminis..> 05-May-2003 12:24 313k 
    Linux_Programmer's_G..> 05-May-2003 12:27 1.5M 
    Linux_Tutorials_&_Do..> 05-May-2003 12:28 1.9M 
    M. Abrash - Zen of G..> 06-May-2003 07:50 2.1M 
    MAPI_SAPI_AND_TAPI_D..> 05-May-2003 09:01 556k 
    MICHAEL_CHRITON___CO..> 05-May-2003 09:01 234k 
    MICHAEL_CRICHTON___T..> 05-May-2003 09:01 1.2M 
    MICROPROCESSOR_TUTOR..> 05-May-2003 09:01 13k 
    MICROSOFT_ADONET_STE..> 05-May-2003 09:03 15.6M 
    MICROSOFT___XML_IN_A..> 05-May-2003 09:03 1.9M 
    MIL_BASIC_ELECTRONIC..> 05-May-2003 09:05 710k 
    MIRC_SCRIPTING_TIPS.TXT 05-May-2003 09:05 3k 
    MISC_HALF_LIFE_CODIN..> 05-May-2003 09:05 128k 
    MIT_PRINCIPLES_OF_DA..> 05-May-2003 09:05 3.3M 
    MOTOR_CONTROL_EXAMPL..> 05-May-2003 09:05 13k 
    MS_DOS_60_SOURCECODE..> 05-May-2003 09:06 2.9M 
    MS_DOS_60_SOURCECODE..> 05-May-2003 09:06 2.9M 
    MS_DOS_60_SOURCECODE..> 05-May-2003 09:06 2.9M 
    MS_DOS_60_SOURCECODE..> 05-May-2003 09:07 2.9M 
    MS_DOS_60_SOURCECODE..> 05-May-2003 09:07 2.9M 
    MS_DOS_60_SOURCECODE..> 05-May-2003 09:07 1.9M 
    MS_DOS_60_SOURCECODE..> 05-May-2003 09:07 2.9M 
    MS_PRESS___KNOWLEDGE..> 05-May-2003 09:08 966k 
    MUSCLE_WIRE_FAQ_V3.PDF 05-May-2003 09:08 5k 
    M_MORRIS_MANO___CHAR..> 05-May-2003 09:12 2.5M 
    Machiavelli-_The_Pri..> 05-May-2003 12:42 68k 
    Maximum.Security.A.H..> 05-May-2003 12:42 1.7M 
    NEAL_STEPHENSON___MO..> 05-May-2003 09:12 116k 
    NEAL_STEPHENSON___TH..> 05-May-2003 09:13 595k 
    Network_Programming_..> 05-May-2003 12:43 240k 
    OMG_MOF_1_3.ZIP 05-May-2003 09:13 1.9M 
    OMG_UML_1_3.ZIP 05-May-2003 09:13 3.0M 
    OMG_XMI_1_1.ZIP 05-May-2003 09:13 1.2M 
    OMNIPAGE_11_SERIAL_N..> 05-May-2003 09:13 1k 
    OREILLY_REFERENCE_LI..> 05-May-2003 09:17 30.9M 
    OReilly_Programming_..> 05-May-2003 12:43 754k 
    O_REILLY_DEVELOPING_..> 05-May-2003 09:18 2.6M 
    O_REILLY_REFERENCE_L..> 05-May-2003 09:23 54.0M 
    Oreilly_-_Mastering_..> 05-May-2003 12:43 5.8M 
    Oreilly_Building_Int..> 05-May-2003 12:43 2.0M 
    Orwell,_George_-_Ani..> 05-May-2003 12:43 98k 
    PACKET_DECODER_MECHA..> 05-May-2003 09:23 87k 
    PC_CASE_FOR_SCSI_DRI..> 05-May-2003 09:23 7k 
    PRACTICAL_DATA_STRUC..> 05-May-2003 09:24 2.0M 
    PROCESSOR_CORE_CODE.ZIP 05-May-2003 09:24 107k 
    PRODGSNTOOLSFORPS2V0..> 05-May-2003 09:24 168k 
    PRODGTMFORPS2V223A.ZIP 05-May-2003 09:24 173k 
    PROGRAMMING_EMBEDDED..> 05-May-2003 09:24 441k 
    PROJECT_PLANNING_WEB..> 05-May-2003 09:24 1.8M 
    PS2DEBUGGER.PDF 05-May-2003 09:24 635k 
    PS2TOOLS.PDF 05-May-2003 09:24 51k 
    Pathological_Lying,_..> 05-May-2003 12:44 186k 
    PayingForBigBrother-..> 05-May-2003 12:44 55k 
    Perl_Cookbook_-_ORei..> 05-May-2003 12:44 706k GZIP compressed docume> 
    Perl_Core_Language_L..> 05-May-2003 12:44 1.7M 
    Perl_Quick_Reference..> 05-May-2003 12:44 106k 
    Perl_for_System_Admi..> 05-May-2003 12:44 1.6M 
    Plato_-_The_Republic..> 05-May-2003 12:44 391k 
    RAINBOW_BOOKS.ZIP 05-May-2003 09:24 319k 
    RALPH___SK00L_M3_ASM..> 05-May-2003 09:24 110k 
    REVERSE_ENGINEERING_..> 05-May-2003 09:24 556k 
    RUNNING_A_PERFECT_IN..> 05-May-2003 09:25 345k 
    Rainbow_Books.zip 05-May-2003 12:44 1.1M 
    Remote_HTML_Codes.rar 05-May-2003 12:44 81k 
    Running_a_Perfect_In..> 05-May-2003 12:45 3.5M 
    SAMS_TEACH_YOURSELF_..> 05-May-2003 09:25 2.8M 
    SAMS___TEACH_YOURSEL..> 05-May-2003 09:25 303k 
    SAM_S_TEACH_YOURSELF..> 05-May-2003 09:25 510k 
    SCIENCEJOKES_1OF9.TXT 05-May-2003 09:25 235k 
    SCI_ELECTRONICS_FAQ.ZIP 05-May-2003 09:26 25k 
    SELIG__J_M___INTRODU..> 05-May-2003 09:26 4.0M 
    SOFTICE_FOR_BEGINNER..> 05-May-2003 09:26 4k 
    SOFTICE_GUIDE.ZIP 05-May-2003 09:26 83k 
    SOLARIS8___I.PDF 05-May-2003 09:26 1.4M 
    SOLARIS8___II.PDF 05-May-2003 09:26 1.6M 
    SOLARIS8___III.PDF 05-May-2003 09:26 1.8M 
    SPECIAL_EDITION_USIN..> 05-May-2003 09:27 494k 
    SPEECH_RECOGNITION_U..> 05-May-2003 09:27 716k 
    SPIDER_DIAGRAMS___A_..> 05-May-2003 09:27 295k 
    SRI-Whitepaper.tar.Z 05-May-2003 12:46 169k tar archive 
    STEPHENLEVY_CRYPTO.TXT 05-May-2003 09:27 834k 
    STEPHENLEVY_CRYPTOTX..> 05-May-2003 09:27 200k 
    STEPHENSON__NEAL___G..> 05-May-2003 09:27 15k 
    STEPHENSON__NEAL___M..> 05-May-2003 09:27 220k 
    STEPHENSON__NEAL___S..> 05-May-2003 09:27 37k 
    STEPHENSON__NEAL___T..> 05-May-2003 09:27 30k 
    STEPHEN_HAWKING___A_..> 05-May-2003 09:27 445k 
    STEPHEN_LEVY___HACKE..> 05-May-2003 09:27 429k 
    STEPHEN_LEVY___HACKE..> 05-May-2003 09:27 0k 
    STEVEN_LEVY___HACKER..> 05-May-2003 09:27 443k 
    STROUSTRUP__BJARNE__..> 05-May-2003 09:27 36k 
    SUN_SA_238_SOLARIS_8..> 05-May-2003 09:28 3.0M 
    SUN_SA_388_SOLARIS_N..> 05-May-2003 09:28 523k 
    SUN_TZU_-_The_Art_of..> 05-May-2003 12:46 94k 
    SUPPORTING_SYSTEMS_E..> 05-May-2003 09:28 57k 
    SYNGRESSASPDOTNETWEB..> 05-May-2003 09:29 8.2M 
    SYSTEM_ID____ASMHACK..> 05-May-2003 09:29 17k 
    Salinger,_J_D_-_The_..> 05-May-2003 12:45 140k 
    Samba_using_smb-O'Re..> 05-May-2003 12:45 4.8M 
    Searching&SeizingCom..> 05-May-2003 12:45 1003k 
    TCP-IP Illustrated.t..> 06-May-2003 07:52 1.0M GZIP compressed docume> 
    TCP-IP_Study&Referen..> 05-May-2003 12:46 83k 
    TCP_IP.Illustrated,...> 05-May-2003 12:46 940k 
    TEACHYOURSELFC__IN21..> 05-May-2003 09:29 564k 
    TEACH_YOURSELF_COBOL..> 05-May-2003 09:29 377k 
    TEACH_YOURSELF_VISUA..> 05-May-2003 09:29 5.5M 
    TELENETCOMMANDS.TXT 05-May-2003 09:29 10k 
    THESIS___REVERSE_COM..> 05-May-2003 09:29 472k 
    THE_ANDROMEDA_STRAIN..> 05-May-2003 09:29 403k 
    THE_ART_OF_MAYA.ZIP 05-May-2003 09:35 56.2M 
    THE_BUSINESS_MODEL_A..> 05-May-2003 09:40 29k 
    THINKING_IN_C___2ND_..> 05-May-2003 09:40 867k 
    THINKING_IN_C___2ND_..> 05-May-2003 09:40 634k 
    TRICKSOFTHEINTERNETG..> 05-May-2003 09:40 579k 
    TYBC4.PDF 05-May-2003 09:41 6.0M 
    The.Network.Administ..> 05-May-2003 12:05 310k 
    The_Network_Administ..> 05-May-2003 12:46 563k 
    Thinking_in_C++_(2nd..> 05-May-2003 12:46 4.4M 
    TricksOfInternetGuru..> 05-May-2003 12:07 4.7M GZIP compressed docume> 
    UML_FOR_XML_SCHEMA_M..> 05-May-2003 09:41 59k 
    UML_NOTATION_GUIDE.ACE 05-May-2003 09:41 574k 
    UML_SEMANTICS.ACE 05-May-2003 09:41 500k 
    UML___APPLYING_THE_U..> 05-May-2003 09:41 8k 
    UML___THE_FOUNDATION..> 05-May-2003 09:41 9k 
    UML___UNDERSTANDING_..> 05-May-2003 09:41 19k 
    UPGRADING_MICROSOFT_..> 05-May-2003 09:42 4.8M 
    UPGRADING_PCS_ILLUST..> 05-May-2003 09:42 849k 
    US_NAVY_ELECTRICITY_..> 05-May-2003 09:42 1.7M 
    US_NAVY_ELECTRICITY_..> 05-May-2003 09:42 1.3M 
    US_NAVY_ELECTRICITY_..> 05-May-2003 09:42 506k 
    US_NAVY_ELECTRICITY_..> 05-May-2003 09:42 2.0M 
    US_NAVY_INFORMATION_..> 05-May-2003 09:43 3.7M 
    US_NAVY_INFORMATION_..> 05-May-2003 09:43 4.9M 
    US_NAVY_INFORMATION_..> 05-May-2003 09:43 792k 
    US_NAVY_INFORMATION_..> 05-May-2003 09:44 5.7M 
    US_NAVY_INFORMATION_..> 05-May-2003 09:44 1.5M 
    Unix_Sockets.zip 05-May-2003 12:47 476k 
    VAX_HIGH_PERFORMANCE..> 05-May-2003 09:45 7.4M 
    VERY_BASIC_ASSEMBLY_..> 05-May-2003 09:45 3k 
    VERY_BASIC_ASSEMBLY_..> 05-May-2003 09:45 3k 
    VISUALIZE_WORKSTATIO..> 05-May-2003 09:45 122k 
    VISUAL_BASIC_6_DATAB..> 05-May-2003 09:46 5.6M 
    VISUAL_C___6_IN_21_D..> 05-May-2003 09:46 1.0M 
    VISUAL_C___IN_12_EAS..> 05-May-2003 09:46 402k 
    VISUAL_C___UNLEASHED..> 05-May-2003 09:46 528k 
    VI_QUICK_REFERENCE.PDF 05-May-2003 09:46 2.7M 
    VI_REFERENCE_CARD__H..> 05-May-2003 09:47 5.1M 
    VI_SHEET.PDF 05-May-2003 09:47 47k 
    VOLTAIRE___CANDIDE.TXT 05-May-2003 09:47 162k 
    VOLTAIRE___MICROMEGA..> 05-May-2003 09:47 38k 
    VOLTAIRE___PLATO_S_D..> 05-May-2003 09:47 6k 
    Vladimir_Nabokov_-_L..> 05-May-2003 12:47 229k 
    WATERMARKING__TAMPER..> 05-May-2003 09:47 403k 
    WEBAPPDEVPHP40_EBOOK..> 05-May-2003 09:47 5.7M 
    WHITMANS_ASM_LANGUAG..> 05-May-2003 09:47 15k 
    WILLIAM_GIBSON_AND_B..> 05-May-2003 09:48 814k 
    WILLIAM_GIBSON___ACA..> 05-May-2003 09:48 3k 
    WILLIAM_GIBSON___AGR..> 05-May-2003 09:48 10k 
    WILLIAM_GIBSON___ALL..> 05-May-2003 09:48 483k 
    WILLIAM_GIBSON___BUR..> 05-May-2003 09:48 116k 
    WILLIAM_GIBSON___COU..> 05-May-2003 09:48 173k 
    WILLIAM_GIBSON___DIS..> 05-May-2003 09:48 28k 
    WILLIAM_GIBSON___FRA..> 05-May-2003 09:48 12k 
    WILLIAM_GIBSON___JOH..> 05-May-2003 09:48 17k 
    WILLIAM_GIBSON___MON..> 05-May-2003 09:48 461k 
    WILLIAM_GIBSON___NEU..> 05-May-2003 09:48 450k 
    WILLIAM_GIBSON___RED..> 05-May-2003 09:48 39k 
    WILLIAM_GIBSON___THE..> 05-May-2003 09:48 1.4M 
    WILLIAM_GIBSON___THI..> 05-May-2003 09:48 9k 
    WINAMP___LYRICS_121.EXE 05-May-2003 09:48 531k 
    WORLD_WIDE_WEB_DATAB..> 05-May-2003 09:49 5.2M 
    WWII_CODEBOOK___BRIT..> 05-May-2003 09:49 705k 
    Whitmans_ASM_Languag..> 05-May-2003 12:47 15k 
    WizBookz.zip 05-May-2003 12:47 307k 
    XML_and_Scripting_La..> 05-May-2003 12:47 47k 
    _BNU___6502_MICROPRO..> 05-May-2003 09:49 82k 
    _CHM__O_REILLY_DNS_A..> 05-May-2003 09:49 12k 
    _CHM__O_REILLY_DNS_A..> 05-May-2003 09:49 1.4M 
    _CHM__O_REILLY_SENDM..> 05-May-2003 09:49 464k 
    _CHM__O_REILLY_SENDM..> 05-May-2003 09:49 1.4M 
    _EBOOK_CHM_MICROSOFT..> 05-May-2003 09:50 1.9M 
    _EBOOK____PROGRAMMIN..> 05-May-2003 09:50 5.5M 
    a-brief-history-of-t..> 05-May-2003 12:10 1.8M GZIP compressed docume> 
    anonymous_-_beowulf.zip 05-May-2003 12:15 65k 
    apache_server_guide.zip 05-May-2003 12:15 328k 
    apache_server_surviv..> 05-May-2003 12:16 1.9M 
    ccna_networkstudygui..> 05-May-2003 12:17 424k 
    cipsh-unesco-report-..> 05-May-2003 12:17 8k 
    cisco.html 30-Apr-1999 04:00 78k 
    compression.tar.gz 05-May-2003 12:22 2.0M GZIP compressed docume> 
    fire_walls_complete_..> 05-May-2003 12:23 383k 
    intrusion_detection,..> 05-May-2003 12:40 794k 
    linux_command_refere..> 05-May-2003 12:27 8.3M 
    linuxsecurity.pdf 05-May-2003 12:40 357k 
    php_manual.rar 05-May-2003 12:44 1.4M 
    room_entry_and_lock_..> 05-May-2003 12:45 7k 
    the_study_of_hypnosi..> 05-May-2003 12:46 163k 
    thoreau_-_civil_diso..> 05-May-2003 12:46 21k 
    tmp 16-May-2003 18:23 10k 
    tmp2 16-May-2003 18:23 11k 
    unesco-endgd.languag..> 05-May-2003 12:47 12k 
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------ 
    Windows XP Inside-Out 
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------- 
    Art of Assembly language [pdf,tgz] 
    Art of Assembly language (High Level Assembler) [pdf] 
    Thinking in C++, 2nd Edition, Volume 2 [online(frames,no frames)] 
    Thinking in C++, 2nd Edition, Volume 2, Example Codes [online,tgz] 
    C++ Programming style [txt] 
    Multithreaded Programming Guide (Sun Microsystems) [pdf] 
    POSIX.1c/D10 Summary (Sun Microsystems) [ps,pdf] 
    pthreads and Solaris threads: A comparison of two user level threads APIs (Sun Microsystems) [ps,pdf] 
    Thinking in Java, 2nd Edition [online(frames,no frames)] 
    Thinking in Java, 2nd Edition, Example Codes [online,tgz] 
    Intel Architecture optimizations [pdf] 
    Adaptive Communication Environment (ACE) library API [online] 
    Java comm API [online] 
    JDK 1.3 API [online] 
    JDK 1.4 API [online] 
    HTML 4.0 Reference [online] 
    Data Display Debugger (DDD) 3.3.1 Manual [online] 
    Writing Multithreaded Code in Solaris [pdf] 
    Intel Architecture Optimization Manual [pdf] 
    Intel Architecture Software Developer's Manual, Volume 1, Basic Architecture [pdf] 
    Intel Architecture Software Developer's Manual, Volume 2, Instruction Set Reference [pdf] 
    Intel Architecture Software Developer's Manual, Volume 3, System Programming [pdf] 
    Performance of Various Computers Using Standard Linear Equations Software [pdf] 
    The SPARC Architecture Manual, Version 8 [pdf] 
    The SPARC Architecture Manual, Version 9 [pdf] 
    UltraSPARC I-II User's Manual [pdf] 
    UltraSPARC IIi User's Manual [pdf] 
    microSPARC IIep User's Manual [pdf] 
    SuperSPARC II Addendum [pdf] 
    Alpha Architecture Handbook, Version 4 [pdf] 
    System V Application Binary Interface, Edition 4.1 [pdf] 
    System V Application Binary Interface, Intel386 Architecture Processor Supplement, Edition 4 [pdf] 
    MIPS R4000 Microprocessor User's Manual, 2nd Edition [pdf] 
    The 32-bit PA-RISC Run-time Architecture Document, HP-UX 10.20, Version 3 [pdf] 
    The 32-bit PA-RISC Run-time Architecture Document, HP-UX 11.00, Version 1 [pdf] 
    ANSI/ISO C++ Professional Programmer's Handbook [pdf] 
    VHDL CookBook by Peter J. Ashenden [pdf] 
    Analog and Mixed-Signal Modeling using VHDL-AMS [pdf] 
    European Space Agency (ESA) VHDL Modelling Guidelines [pdf] 
    US Navy VHDL Modelling Guide [pdf(1,2,3,4,5,6,7)] 
    Operating systems 
    Introduction to OS [pdf] 
    Process scheduling [pdf] 
    Resource management and deadlocks [pdf] 
    I/O Management [pdf] 
    Filesystem [pdf] 
    Memory management [pdf] 
    Interprocess communication [pdf] 
    System security [pdf] 
    A Cryptography Tutorial [summary,pdf(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,] 
    Another Cryptography tutorial [pdf(1,2,3,4,5,6,7)] 
    Cryptography - The myths [pdf] 
    A Cryptograpgic Compendium [link] 
    Frequently Asked Questions about Today's Cryptography by RSA Laboratories [pdf] 
    Security protocols overview by RSA Laboratories [pdf] 
    Security Pitfalls in Cryptography [pdf] 
    Stream ciphers [pdf] 
    Understanding Public Key Infrastructure [pdf] 
    Trust Models and Management in Public-Key Infrastuctured [pdf] 
    Why Cryptography is Harder than it looks [pdf] 
    Cryptanalytic Attacks on Pseudorandom Number Generators [pdf] 
    CryptoBytes, RSA newsletter [pdf(1-1,1-2,1-3,2-1,2-2,2-3,3-1,3-2,4-1,4-2)] 
    RSA Laboratories' Bulletin [pdf(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13)] 
    Smartcard security [pdf] 
    Digital Signatures, Certificates and Electronic Commerce [pdf] 
    Key recovery - Meeting the Needs of Users or Key Escrow in Disguise [pdf] 
    Implementation Experience with AES Candidate Algorithms [pdf] 
    Performance Analysis of AES candidates on the 6805 CPU core [pdf] 
    UK Government Organisations Involved in Communications and Information Systems Security [pdf] 
    The block cipher Square [pdf] 
    Attacks on Cryptoprocessor Transaction Sets [pdf] 
    Initial Cryptanalysis of the RSA SecurID Algorithm [pdf] 
    Amplified Boomerang Attacks Against Reduced-Round MARS and Serpent [pdf] 
    Preliminary Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round Serpent [pdf] 
    Defective Sign and Encrypt in S/MIME, PKCS#7, MOSS, PEM, PGP, and XML [pdf] 
    Compliance Defects in Public-Key Cryptography [pdf] 
    Architectural considerations for cryptanalytic hardware [pdf] 
    WEP Fix using RC4 Fast Packet Keying [pdf] 
    RSA Security Response to Weaknesses in Key Scheduling Algorithm of RC4 [pdf] 
    Block Ciphers [pdf] 
    Stream Ciphers [pdf] 
    C.R.I.S.I.S. - Cryptography's Role In Securing the Information Society [pdf] 
    Universal Hashing and Multiple Authentication [pdf] 
    Timing Analysis of Keystrokes and Timing Attacks on SSH [pdf] 
    The simple ideal cipher system [pdf] 
    An FPGA Implementation of the Linear Cruptanalysis [pdf] 
    The math behind the RSA cipher [txt] 
    RSA hardware implementation [pdf] 
    High-Speed RSA implementation [pdf] 
    Are 'Strong' Primes Needed for RSA? [pdf] 
    RSAES-OAEP Encryption scheme [pdf] 
    Has the RSA algorithm been compromised as a result of Bernstein's Papar? [pdf] 
    Are 'Strong' Primed Needed for RSA? [pdf] 
    Why Textbook ElGamal and RSA Encryption are Insecure [pdf] 
    The DES algorithm [txt] 
    The RC5 encryption algorithm [pdf] 
    On The Security of the RC5 Encryption Algorithm [pdf] 
    The ESP RC5-CBC Transform [txt] 
    The RC5, RC5-CBC, RC5-CBC-Pad, and RC5-CTS Algorithms [txt] 
    The RC6 block cipher [pdf] 
    RC6 as the AES [pdf] 
    The security of RC6 block cipher [pdf] 
    Statistical testing of RC6 block cipher [pdf] 
    Blowfish algorithm in plain English [txt] 
    Source code for Blowfish implementation [zip(C++,Another C++,Java,ANSI C,Another ANSI C,Forth,Pascal)] 
    Twofish: A 128-bit Block Cipher [pdf] 
    Upper bounds on differential characteristics in Twofish [pdf] 
    Impossible differentials in Twofish [pdf] 
    A Twofish retreat: Related-Key attacks against Reduced-Round Twofish [pdf] 
    Further observations on the Key Schedule of Twofish [pdf] 
    Empirical verification of Twofish key uniqueness properties [pdf] 
    Key separation in Twofish [pdf] 
    Improved Twofish implementations [pdf] 
    Implementation of the Twofish Cipher using FPGA devices [pdf] 
    Source code for Twofish implementation [zip(6805(Smartcard),Z80,Reference C code,ANSI C and i386 asm,Optimised ANSI C,Optimised C code [Linux code],Visual Basic,Java)] 
    The Rijndael Block Cipher [pdf] 
    A Specification of Rijndael, the AES Algorithm [pdf] 
    Efficient Implementation of the Rijndael S-box [pdf] 
    The Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem [pdf] 
    Elliptic Curce Cryptosystems [pdf] 
    Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Future Resiliency and High Security Systems [pdf] 
    The Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem for Smart Cards [pdf] 
    The Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) [pdf] 
    Recommendation on Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems [pdf] 
    Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems on Reconfigurable Hardware [pdf] 
    Program Stack vulnerability [txt] 
    Non-executable Program Stack vulnerability [txt] 
    Strange Attractors and TCP/IP Sequence Number Analysis [link] 
    Rainbow book series [link] 
    Kernel Level Vulnerabilities, Behind the Scenes of the 5th Argus Hacking Challenge [pdf] 
    Attacks on and Countermeasures for USB Hardware Token Devices [pdf] 
    UNIX Assembly Codes Development for Vulnerabilities Illustration Purposes [pdf] 
    Countermeasures against Buffer Overflow Attacks [pdf] 
    Integrating Flexible Support for Security Policies into the Linux Operating System [pdf] 
    Flaw in NTRU Signature Scheme (NSS) [pdf] 
    Meeting Critical Security Objectived with Security-Enhanced Linux [pdf] 
    Secure Programming with Linux and Unix [pdf] 
    Reverse Compilation Techniques [pdf] 
    What Should be Hidden and Open in Computer Security: Lessons from Deception, the Art of War, Law, and Economic Theory [pdf] 
    Stack Smashing Vulnerabilities in the UNIX Operation System [pdf] 
    Networking concepts [pdf] 
    Introduction to Internet Protocols [txt] 
    Network planning and design [pdf] 
    Queuing analysis [pdf] 
    Parallel fxp performance in a High-Bandwidth High-Latency WAN [pdf] 
    Compete WAP Security [pdf] 
    Cryptographic Authentication fo Real-Time Network Protocols [pdf] 
    Temporary Committee on the ECHELON Interception System Report (Working Document) [pdf] 
    IP Multicast Configuration [pdf] 
    Can Shortest-path Routing and TCP Maximize Utility [pdf] 
    A new TCP congestion control with empty queues and scalable stability [pdf] 
    FAST Kernel: Backgroung Theory and Experimental Results [pdf] 
    Robustness and the Internet: Design and evolution [pdf] 
    Robust congestion control for the Internet [pdf] 
    A Mathematical Framework for Designing a Low-Loss, Low-Delay Internet [pdf] 
    On the stability of networks operating TCP-like congestion control [pdf] 
    Ultrascale Network Protocols for Computing and Science in the 21st Century [pdf] 
    Computer Clusters 
    High Performance Computing and Beowulf Clusters [pdf] 
    Web Search for a Planet: The Google Cluster Architecture [pdf] 
    Specification of the Bluetooth System v1.1 22-02-2001 (Core) [pdf] 
    Specification of the Bluetooth System v1.1 22-02-2001 (Profiles) [pdf] 
    SyncML Over Bluetooth [pdf] 
    Bluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol (BNEP) Specification [pdf] 
    Bluetooth Extended Service Deiscovery Profile (ESDP) for Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) [pdf] 
    Personal Area Networking (PAN) Profile [pdf] 
    Bluetooth Security White Paper [pdf] 
    Security Comparison: Bluetooth vs 802.11 [pdf] 
    SOS Mathematics [link] 
    Mathematics archives [link] 
    Dave's math tables [link] 
    On-line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences [link] 
    Notes on Fermat's Last Theorem by A. J. Van Der Poorten [pdf(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,] 
    p-adic Chaos and Random Number Generation [pdf] 
    Introduction to Probability Theory [pdf] 
    Calculus - One-Variable Calculus, with an Introduction to Linear Algebra [pdf] 
    Introduction to Methods of Applied Mathematics or Advances Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers [pdf] 
    Tables of Integrals and other Mathematical data [pdf] 
    Random Generators and Normal Numbers [pdf] 
    Ramanujan's Notebooks [pdf(pdf,pdf)] 
    Prime Percolation [pdf] 
    Prime Numbers with a Fixed Number of One Bits or Zero Bits in Their Binary Representation [pdf] 
    Perturbation Theory of Dynamical Systems [pdf] 
    On Fourier and Zeta(s) [pdf] 
    Newton's Formula and the Continued Fraction Expansion of sqrt(d) [pdf] 
    Linear Algebra [pdf] 
    Linear Algebra - Answers [pdf] 
    New Representations for the Madelung Constant [pdf] 
    Sums of Squares, Cubes, and Higher Powers [pdf] 
    Computing A Glimpse of Randomness [pdf] 
    Computing the Generating Function of a Series Given its First Few Terms [pdf] 
    Asymptotic Behavior of Excitable Cellular Automata [pdf] 
    An Efficient Algorithm for Computing the Ith Letter of phi^n(a).pdf [pdf] 
    Algebraic Topology [pdf] 
    A Proof of a Conjecture of Knuth [pdf] 
    A Practical Version of the Generalized Lagrange Algorithm [pdf] 
    Theoretical Computer Science cheat sheet [pdf] 
    A mathematical theory of Communication [pdf] 
    A Primer on Asynchronous Modem Communication [pdf] 
    Dictionary of Algorithms, Data Structured, and Problems [link] 
    Computing dictionary [link] 
    Acronym lookup engine [link] 
    StudyWeb search engine [link] 
    Unix is a Four Letter Word, and Vi is a Two Letter Abbreviation [pdf] 
    Some useful UNIX Commands written down by Razor for newbies to get a start in UNIX [pdf] 
    UNIX [pdf] 
    Intermediate Unix Training [pdf] 
    VI lovers [link] 
    Unix Programming Tools [pdf] 
    Unix history timeline (1969-2000) [pdf] 
    Executable and Linkable Format (ELF) [txt] 
    A Whirlwind Tutorial on Creating Really Teensy ELF Executables for Linux [online] 
    Guide to Unix IPC [link] 
    The Linux Kernel API [pdf] 
    Unreliable guide to Linux kernel locking [pdf] 
    Unreliable guide to hacking the Linux kernel [pdf] 
    Linux 2.4 NAT Howto [pdf] 
    Linux advanced routing Howto [pdf] 
    Linux Netfilter hacking Howto [pdf] 
    Samba 2.2 [online] 
    Samba TNG [online] 
    Token-Mediated Certification and Electronic Commerce [pdf] 
    The Linux BIOS [pdf] 
    LOBOS: (Linux OS Boots OS) Booting a kernel in 32-bit mode [pdf] 
    CVS Manual [online] 
    The Ultimate Memory Guide [pdf] 
    Sun-Tzu The Art of Warfare [online] 
    Ko Ko Ko [avi] 
    موفق باشيد . :)
  3. Mashaheer

    Mashaheer مدیر بازنشسته کاربر فعال

    تاریخ عضویت:
    ‏5 می 2003
    نوشته ها:
    تشکر شده:
    محل سکونت:
    سعيد جان دستت دردنكنه با سايتي كه معرفي كردي به نظرت بهتر نبود كه اينرو در بخش موضوعات متفرقه كامپيوتر معرفي مي كردي؟ جاي كه ديگر دوستان كتابهاي مجاني رو معرفي مي كنند.
  4. Pixar

    Pixar مدیر بازنشسته

    تاریخ عضویت:
    ‏10 اکتبر 2003
    نوشته ها:
    تشکر شده:
    محل سکونت:
    َِChocolate's City
    حق با شماست طاها جان ...

    شما لطف مي كني اين ارسال رو حذف كني و به همون تايپكي منتقل كني ؟

    با تشكر .
  5. ma_nouri

    ma_nouri کاربر تازه وارد

    تاریخ عضویت:
    ‏28 می 2004
    نوشته ها:
    تشکر شده:
    با سلام ...من علي نوري 22 ساله هستم.عضو جديد اين سايت. من مدارك MCP/MCSA/MCSE 2000 را دارم و در جزيره كيش ساكن هستم و اين دوره ها رو در اينجا تدريس ميكنم. از سايتي كه براي كتابها معرفي كردين خيلي ممنونم.. من ها لينك كتابهاي MCSE Server 2003 رو نديدم. لطفا اگر امكان داره يكي از دوستاني كه كامل دانلود كرده يه جايي UPLOAD كنه تا بقيه هم بگيرن.

    در زمينه شبكه اگر امري داشتيد در خدمت هستم... اين هم وب سايت شخصي منه :


    با تشكر از همه دوستان
  6. fotocopy

    fotocopy مدیر بازنشسته

    تاریخ عضویت:
    ‏9 جولای 2003
    نوشته ها:
    تشکر شده:
    محل سکونت:
    داش سعيد حال دادي خفن
  7. fotocopy

    fotocopy مدیر بازنشسته

    تاریخ عضویت:
    ‏9 جولای 2003
    نوشته ها:
    تشکر شده:
    محل سکونت:
    علي جان من اين کتابو توي کازا پيدا کردم
    حجم حدوده 12 مگه
    وگرنه دانلود ميکردم بهت ميدادم
    کافيه تو کازا سرچ کني
  8. NorTh HaCkeR

    NorTh HaCkeR Registered User

    تاریخ عضویت:
    ‏10 می 2004
    نوشته ها:
    تشکر شده:
    آقا دستت درد مكنه كتابهاي 20 هست!

  9. mohsen khatami

    mohsen khatami کاربر تازه وارد

    تاریخ عضویت:
    ‏31 مارس 2004
    نوشته ها:
    تشکر شده:
    محل سکونت:
    Land of Extremes, India
    سلام سعید جان:
    مرسی از معرفی سایت برای ای بوک.
    آیا سایت مرا دیدی؟ چگونه میشه اینهمه کتاب را ای بوک کرد و از نظر عملی آیا سرمایه گذاری هم لازم است برای ای بوک یا نه؟ لطفاٌ در تماس باشیم.
    قربانت: محسن
  10. mohsen khatami

    mohsen khatami کاربر تازه وارد

    تاریخ عضویت:
    ‏31 مارس 2004
    نوشته ها:
    تشکر شده:
    محل سکونت:
    Land of Extremes, India
    سلام بر استاد عزیزم طاها جان:
    خوشحالم که دوباره یافتم شما رو. مدتی بود به این انجمن نیامده بودم.
    امیدوارم که از نامه ی قبلی من (که بی جواب گذاشتی) ناخوشنود نشده باشی.
    اگر شدی لطفاٌ بگو تا جبران کنم.
    لطفاٌ برای آشنایی بیشتر با اوشو سری به سایت (امضا) جدید بزن. دیشب مطلبی نوشتم با عنوان "من غلام قمرم..." که شاید برایت خوشایند باشد.
    لطفاٌ ارتباط را یکسویه قطع نکن و از این سو همیشه باز است و دوستت دارم. موفق و شاد باشی. دوستدارت محسن