12dp NEED STORMpay (كي استروم پي داره ؟(

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    ‏1 فوریه 2006
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    سلام ... كسي ميدوني چطوري ميشه يه حساب استروم پي باز كرد ؟؟؟؟
    Dear persiantools supervisor ;

    This is Saleh Derakhshan an Iranian user of "12 Daily Pro".
    I have encountered a problem with your sytem, which is that the StormPay does not come along with Iranian traders.
    What should I do?
    Can we use your system or not? If not what should I do? I have many friends in USA .. Can I tell them to make an account & verify it instead of me and I use that account to have business transactions with your system?
    I think it is necessary to say that I'm a International IT Business man, which have to use your system for my transactions.


    sincerely your's
    Saleh Derakhshan[/LEFT][/LEFT]
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